What do you think?

I wrote 12 blog posts since march. 2 were school based and 10 were for the blogging challenge. I got only 3 comments for this blogging challenge. The post that received the most  comments was Walking With zombies. I think it it got the most comments because it is a blog worth reading. I enjoyed writing the blog post Walking With Zombies because I had to be imaginative and creative.

I did not change my theme once this blogging challenge. I guess that is kind boring but I really like it. I have 4 widgets and I think I should have more but I never really got around to get more. I did not want my blog to look cluttered so not having very much was a choice I made. I do not have any oversea bloggers on my blog roll. I was going to add more but I forgot too. I used compfight a lot to get my pictures from.

I think I have grown a lot in the blogging challenge. I went from writing one paragraph blog posts to writing 3 paragraphs each week. I think that is a big improvement. I asked the person I sit by to answer these questions. First question I asked was what was your first impression of my blog? She said it is very blue. Then I asked what caught her attention? She said that what caught her eye was how many visitors I have. Then I asked what distracted her on my blog? She said that my theme distracted her. Then the last question I asked was what suggestion do you have to make my blog look better? She said to have some pictures in the background instead of just blue. Well this is goodbye to the blogging challenge.


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Ica Cream

Dear, Ice Cream

You have always been there for me when I was sad or depressed

You are a comfort food that makes me happy

You are cold and sweet

One word I would use to describe you would be delicious

I would eat you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert if my parent would let me

You are the food I ask my mom to get me when she goes to the store

I eat you the most when I am sick

I love you ice cream


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I Love Animals

Ever since I was a kid I loved animals. When I was little I would catch tree frogs and keep them in a aquarium. We would go to the store and buy crickets to feed the frogs. It was funny to watch the frogs eat the crickets. Frogs are not the only pets that I have. I have dogs and chickens as well. I have two dogs and six chickens. We let are frogs go about a year and a half ago.

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My dogs are my favorite pets that I have. I have always been more of a dog person. My nine year old dog Jessie is a black lab. She is old and my family is sad that she could die anytime. I love Jessie very much. My other dog is a yellow lab she is only one. She is very cute but can be a bit of a pain sometimes. I love her as well. Puppies

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I have six chickens that I have had for like four years. I don’t like them as much as my dogs. The chickens have a pin that my grandpa made. The pin is located in our backyard. Sometimes we let them free range but then they eat all of our flowers. When they eat our flowers my mom gets a bit annoyed which I don’t blame her one bit for.  Chicks  


People cut me down

They say mean things

They say I can’t do something

They say I am not strong enough and can’t handle it

They say I am going to fail

People always judge

Until someone really knows me they should not judge me

I am a strong, determined human being

When some people say I can’t do something, I do it better then they could imagine


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Wondering The World

I would to travel lots of places. I would travel to very many places if everything was free or if I had a lot of money but because I don’t have a lot of money I do not travel very much. The far this I have ever traveled is Arizona. I really would like to go to Hawaii, Africa, Paris, China, and many other places. I love to explore and see things I have never seen before. I would want to go to each place for a week.

I would want to relax. I would not want to travel to these places for work. I would like it to be more of a vacation. I would not like it if I did not have company. I would take family or friends with me on every trip. Some things I would do when I was there would be going to look at important monuments and landmarks.


I really wish I could when the lottery so that I could travel to different places. If money wasn’t a problem I would travel a different place every month. Do you like traveling? Where would you travel? Please leave a comment and answer the questions.  You should go to Kayak.com for more details.

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Count To Three


I visited 3 outstanding blogs. All three of them were very creative. All of the blogs had unique coloring. There writing was long and they had all of there blog posts. One of the blogs had a lot of Anime pictures. The Anime really gave the blog color and made it pop.

All three of the people’s blogs I visited kept there blogs net and attention grabbing.  They really put a lot of work in to it. I haven’t really visited very many people blogs in a while so it was nice to see people’s creativity. This count to three game has inspired me to visited other people’s blogs. I really like it when people comment on my blog so I like to return the favor. Commenting is really important especially if you like it when people comment on your blog.

I really enjoyed this blogging challenge and recommend people to visit and leave a comment on other people blogs. It is important for people to have lots of people on there blog roll so that this game is more fun. That includes overseas bloggers blogs. To the people’s blogs that I visited good job and keep on blogging. Visit here to see more blogs.

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Stuck With My Family On A Stranded Island

I love my family very much but I would not want to be stuck on a island with them. I would get annoyed and irritated with them, especially my big brother. My family hunts and fishes so that would come handy on a stranded island. I think my family could survive on a island for a little while without hurting each other.

Some things I would use to keep me and my family entertained would be made up games. I could make up games like you have to throw a rock into a square on the ground made of sticks. The square would not be very big so that it makes the game harder. I would have competitions with my family. A competition that we would play would be who could catch the most fish in a certain amount of time.

This is some things that we would do on a stranded island. I really hope that I don’t get stuck on a island with my family. My family is not really in to games, but if they were on a island I bet we would be playing a lot of games.



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My Favorites

My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. I have been playing theses sports since I was 5 years of age. I have a sport every day of the week except Friday. My favorite number is #7. That is the number I us for basketball and soccer. Sometimes I have to use a number that I don’t want to. I like number 7 because it is a number of god.

My favorite color is blue. I like blue because it is the color of my eyes. Blue has been my favorite color forever. My second favorite color is green. My favorite brand of clothing is Nike. I like Nike because I like athletic clothing. Most of my clothing is Nike and it is usually blue or green.

One of my favorite foods is chocolate. I like chocolate because I like the texture of it. When I was little I thought chocolate looked gross so I would not try it. Finally I tried it and I was in love. It was so good but I was embarrassed that I liked it because I told everyone that I thought It was gross. Now I like to try new things more then I use to. What is some of your favorites?                                                                                                                                                      This is a link to the Nike store  www.nike.com/us/en_us/?ref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2


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Letters to Ghana

14818995392_781dbb0003I take part in writing to Ghana. About once a month we send a letter to Ghana. We have a certain person that we write to. I look forward to this about every month. It usually take longer for them to write back to us. I wish we could send one every week. I am kind of sad that we are not going to do this next year. Usually we have a topic that we write about. Sometimes we get to write about whatever we want and I like that. I can’t wait to get my next letter.

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